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Rain tent repair services

The online cargo bike rain tent repair in the Netherlands. Get to know Bakfix's new service: the Online cargo bike rain tent repair. With Online Rain Tent Repair you can quickly and easily have your rain tent, cover and other covers/tents and cushions professionally repaired. We offer you the service you have come to expect from us. As a professional cargo bike specialist, we have the specialist knowledge in-house and offer you optimal quality and perfect service. We have adapted equipment for the careful repair of the various tents and covers. Your rain tent/cover will be repaired professionally and quickly. Of course you are also very welcome in our store if you want to bring your rain tent/cover yourself. We will send your repaired rain tent/cover back to you within 5 working days.


Step 1: Register

You would like to have your tent, canopy, cover or cushion(s) repaired. You can indicate an estimate in the registration form, which will give you an indication of approximately what it will cost. You immediately have insight into the costs associated with the repair. You can create a ticket via the link below and submit a repair request to us. After you have created the ticket, you can upload photos of the product(s) and what needs to be repaired via the same ticket. We will then use the photos to provide an indication of the repair and send you a quote.

Click here to register

Step 2: Packaging & shipping

We would like to ask you to include a note in which you state your details and describe what needs to be repaired. If possible, label the material that needs to be repaired with stickers? If everything is properly packed, you can send your package to us. Shipping costs are borne by the customer. You can of course also bring and/or pick up your tent or cover to our store in Amsterdam.



Hofdweg 382-h,

1056 DD Amsterdam the Netherlands

Step 3: payment and return

After we have received your package, we will start working on it for you. We will make an analysis of the additional costs and call you for a consultation. We will then send you a payment link with the corresponding invoice. We will return your tent or cover repaired within 5 working days.

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