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Brand: Elvedes
Brake cable inner cable from Elvedes, equipped with a V-nipple and T-nipple.Suitable for V-brake, Roller brake and mechanical disc brakes of the following cargo bike brands.Babboe,, Gazelle, Cargon, Nihola, Soci.Bike, Vogue, Urban Arrow, Keiler, de Fietsfabriek, and other brands.  -..
Excl. BTW:€6,00
Brand: Elvedes
A very handy dog bike bracket with spiral spring for attachment to your cargo bike or bicycle. You mount the bracket on your cargo bike or bicycle, leaving both hands free to cycle safely with your dog. The bracket also ensures that the dog keeps sufficient distance from your cargo bike or bicycle...
Excl. BTW:€24,95
Weergeven 1 t/m 2 van in totaal 2
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